Vanguard Princess "To Catch A Predator, Please Have a Seat"

Vanguard Princess is a saccharine sweet Japanese Kawaii Anime 2D fighting game. This is a fighting game starring 10 girls. 10 cute anime girls. 10 sexy... energetic...girls wearing very short skirts. Skirts that flap in the wind and show lots of panties. Panties being exposed for my sweaty palms... Parading and jumping around. Their innocent cotton flashing in my old man perverted eyes...


So, it's a pretty fun game. I should add that you can get it for the price of a cup of coffee on steam. There's free DLC that uncensors it to show even more pantie shots...and.. God help me I installed it. So much pantsu. I'm not very good at this game yet. I haven't figured out many moves. I keep getting .... distracted. But.. I mean really, with this game even if you lose you still kind of win... right?

OK I'M DONE.. shit, I need to go take a cold shower.

*There's also a free version that's in Japanese, you can search around for that one.

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