I've recently started playing the Misery Mod for STALKER: Call of Pripyat. Now, I have never played a Stalker game before and this mod is known for being brutal and giving veterans of the series the challenge they crave.

I thought it could be amusing and frustrating to chronicle my experience of this blisteringly hard mod through the eyes of a total noob. The mod does nothing to ease the player into the world because it was designed with veteran players in mind. In the first video I didn't even know the things shooting at me were zombies. I tried to walk up and greet one because I thought he was an injured fellow Stalker...

The next time I played I learned a bunch of lessons... the hard way. I was going to try and keep a tally of all my deaths but at this point I've already lost count. I mean seriously, at the 48 second mark I was exploded like a sloppy spaghetti meatball.

I die over and over but I'm still enjoying it. It's a different type of experience to just dive into a mod like this with no prior experience of the base game or franchise. I'm learning how to survive, slowly but surely.


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