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It's been awhile since I've posted any xpadder news. For those who don't know, Xpadder is a great little program that will let you play any PC game from the comfort of your couch with a controller.

I set out a long time ago to start playing DayZ with a controller, in fact, I think it's been since the game was available in Early Access on Steam. So yeah, I've been at this for a bit... It's sort of a passion / obsession. Anywho, I've made some tweaks and refinements. I'm most excited for the new throw integration (I put it on a click hold Left Stick) and the autopilot run (you can run hands free!!!).


Never let a complicated PC game intimidate you. A control scheme like this will obviously take a bit of getting use to compared to CoD simply due to the volume of button assignments but once you acclimate yourself it will feel natural. I went to great lengths to test and tweak to get things as intuitive as possible. You can download my profile over HERE. Or you can get it on the STEAM discussion.

If you like the idea of playing PC games with a controller you can check out my other xpadder profiles as well.

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