DayZ Survivor Stories

I've started a website for fans of DayZ. It's a place for us to share and vote on our stories. To me a big joy of playing DayZ is reading and sharing experiences that happened in it. I'm just trying to make a centralized hub to organize our deaths. My goal is for to be a massive graveyard full of hilarious, depressing, and slightly insane stories!


Once the stories are submitted they are tracked by various tags: username, location, cause of death. You can track your character by the username and see the graveyard of all of your avatars.

Submitting is pretty straightforward. You can either follow the online picture editor guide (Pixlr), download a photoshop template to caption it, or just send me a character image with the text and I'll caption the image for you.

I mostly put this site together to amuse myself but the more I started thinking about it the more I realized other people are just as passionate about the stories they create in DayZ as I am so I took some extra time to make a submission process.


I hope you'll check it out. If you don't submit you can still participate by voting on the stories.

Oh, I forgot to mention the Steam group. If you join that you'll get updates.

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