So you want to play DayZ with a 360 controller, eh? No, you're not crazy. A lot of us prefer the feel of a controller. There IS default support in the game but quite frankly, it's terrible. If you are serious about this then the first thing you'll need is Xpadder. Xpadder is a program that can remap your controls. Essentially it emulates the keyboard and mouse and lets YOU choose which buttons on the controller do what. It can also allow for some very sophisticated schemes.

I've created a profile in Xpadder that seems to be pretty popular, that's why I'm putting it up here as well. It seems to be something that people have a lot of interest in. Before I get into the specifics take a look at the control scheme below:


As you can see, we're doing some pretty advanced mapping here. So once you have Xpadder you need to configure it to allow remapping on a controller. One of my Steam friends made THIS amazing step-by-step guide. After you have the controller set up you simply paste in my profile code which is located either on the Xpadder forum or in a Steam thread discussion. In the DayZ configuration menu you'll want to make sure you disable the 360 controller in "Devices," otherwise you'll run into some conflicts. As far as DayZ is concerned we are still using the mouse and keyboard (via Xpadder voodoo).

Here are a few videos explaining all of the controls:

What are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy DayZ from the comfort of your couch!

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