Age of Barbarian "Butts, Boobs, Blades"

Age of Barbarian is an old school 2D hack n slash.

It almost feels like Street Fighter: The Movie (the video game) got drunk and inappropriately flirted with Saul of the Molemen and then larped as Conan The Barbarian.


It's not simply aware of being cheesy B movie material, it revels and celebrates it.

Sheyna is the warrior princess who is now on a quest for revenge and more nipple pasty glue. You can also be Rohan. A guy so badass he rips himself off of a crucifix. Seriously, not even Jesus OR Schwarzenegger could manage that!

This game was made for people like me who grew up playing those cheesy old 90s arcade games. Combat is made up of low and high strikes and blocks for the most part. And it's hilariously gory and visceral. You also have an inventory button to access a radial menu of aid items.


Various combos and more effective attacks get unlocked in a leveling system.


There's also... butts. Lots and lots of walking butts. Butts.. aww yea. Butts going in doors. Walkin' butts, struttin' butts, flexin' butts, sexy butts.

*clears throat.

You can also spam the inventory button to dance. This game is awesome. Go buy it. Haha.. I can't stop..I love this game!


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