Awesome Medieval Engineering, or so I'm told. Sigh.

Medieval Engineers released today. I wanted to make a nice intro video to it for people that were interested. Unfortunately that didn't work out too well. It crashed over and over. It's Early Access after all. I'm sure it'll get patched soon but in the meantime, I decided to document my defeated attempts to play. » 2/19/15 8:09pm 2/19/15 8:09pm

Yeah, it's a very silly reason but apparently they are running with it. In one trailer they show Snake shirtless with suspenders because he's using the cloak as well. I think he's still wearing full cargo pants and boots though... and with DAT ASS he should be running around in a thong. » 2/11/15 11:07am 2/11/15 11:07am

To even MENTION Kill Bill (Yen Woo Ping) but not Iron Monkey or True Legend baffles my mind. I would have thought Iron Monkey would be near the top but it wasn't even mentioned. Its fight scenes have been copied and imitated by many movies since. » 2/11/15 10:50am 2/11/15 10:50am

I think it's more about tempering expectations. Probably 80% of my game purchases in the last year have been early access games and I never once felt scammed. As long as you know what you are getting into there's really nothing nefarious about it. » 2/10/15 9:18pm 2/10/15 9:18pm