Do you feel like this year was particularly worse with divisiveness in gaming? I'm thinking specifically in regards to GamerGate and that ilk. There's always been platform bickering but I feel like this year things got much uglier on the whole for gaming culture. » 1/21/15 4:24pm Wednesday 4:24pm

GRAV - Now We Dance... Just like Kevin Bacon!

I check out this game in Early Access but mostly just dance like the great hero, Kevin Bacon. GRAV joins the list of games centered on sandbox survival. This game is all about surviving, crafting, building, and most importantly, DANCING. I'll let the developers sum it up, "GRAV is a sand box experience where you… » 1/15/15 5:48pm 1/15/15 5:48pm

I also bring that up when people say Arma 3 doesn't look "realistic". It's because it doesn't add in all the fancy camera effects of other shooters. No lens flare, dirt on screen, etc. It's kind of funny how camera effects have become what people look to for "immersion" in a first person game when it's actually the… » 1/15/15 10:09am 1/15/15 10:09am