I wouldn’t take it personally but I’d say maybe not watch twitch streams then since the player’s personality / visual presence is kind of the point. I set up the webcam if I’m streaming, I rarely use it for youtube content. » 5/02/15 12:05am Saturday 12:05am

That FOV one might be very useful. I’m not usually one to gripe about FOV but something felt... off when I popped into first person. It almost feels like the default camera isn’t where the eyes would be but is a go pro camera hanging about 6” in front of the head. » 4/15/15 4:46pm 4/15/15 4:46pm

This is the first time they are outwardly acknowledging that a character is gay. If other characters are/were gay they were not admitting it (which means society is less accepting of it). Baby steps. Progress is progress. » 4/15/15 4:38pm 4/15/15 4:38pm

Not knowing what I’m doing is the entire point of my Noob Tales series and I chose Stalker specifically for the reason you listed. It amuses me to be terrible at a game that others take very seriously. I am NOT a YouTuber to watch for l33t skillz. I go for entertainment and banter. » 4/08/15 6:14pm 4/08/15 6:14pm

They do it sometimes, just not consistently. I've noticed "Steamed" as a section now for Steam news. http://steamed.kotaku.com/ But yeah, just having tags on games so you knew if they were platform exclusive would be a boon. » 3/12/15 7:19pm 3/12/15 7:19pm

They haven't yet (to the best of my knowledge). It's been stated repeatedly though that when the game launches you'll be able to buy ships with in game currency. Right now the game is very bare bones alpha, there isn't a way to EARN the currency yet since we just have a few modules of tech demos. » 3/08/15 4:08pm 3/08/15 4:08pm